Please read What To Expect before you apply.

The Bujinkan Kocho Dojo is not some overly commercialized karate or Taekwondo ‘business’, where people just walk into a studio like a customer and order some lessons. The Kocho Dojo is run similar to the manner of a traditional Japanese dojo, although the atmosphere is not excessively rigid like in some other Japanese styles. Most Japanese warrior traditions were not open to outsiders before the 20th century. You usually had to be born into a warrior clan in order to learn it’s secret martial knowledge. Today we are open to new members, but we don’t want just anybody. We want serious students who will benefit from the training and develop themselves into enlightened individuals who will make our world better.

We also prefer to maintain our privacy and don’t have a large sign in front of the dojo that would attract a lot of time wasting curiosity seekers. This low key approach is confusing to some, but we naturally live by the methods of the ninja, including secrecy. We no longer need to go to extremes as did the ninja of old. They had to protect their identity and locations in order to stay alive. Today, we just use a low-key approach to keep our privacy and help smooth out the flow of our lives.

Still have questions? Contact us or just complete the application below. Then you will get an invitation and you can then come to the dojo for a free class and get better answers, as well as some real hands-on experience.

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